Replacement for GPz

Steven Bixby steven at
Tue Oct 23 11:09:04 PDT 2007

I'm 6'2" and ride an ST1300... love the bike!

The saddle has three height settings and you can choose to slot the
front or the back of the saddle one mark up or down for a few more
settings.  I have it set with the saddle all the way up in the front
and middle inthe back and love it.  I've done a couple of 700 mile
days with the stock saddle, although I understand many/most LD riders
still get a DayLong or some other custom saddle.

As far as valves go - I'm at 44K miles now.  I checked valves a few
times, apparently far more than necessary, and they've stayed in spec
all along.  Checking them is dirt-simple.  Changing the shims is less
simple, though - you have to take the under-tank airbox out to reach
the right-bank cam chain tensioner, and the cams themselves have to
come off.   So, 15 minutes to check, on top of one hour to
remove/reinstall cowlings.   More like 3-4 hours to actually change
the shims.  I'm going to look again at 48K and I'm half-expecting to
finally change some shims at that time.

On 10/23/07, William K Denton <wkdenton at> wrote:
> Bob,
> Sounds like you (taller gents) need either an ST1300 (EFI, shafty, w/ 16k
> mile valve adj. interval) or an FJR1300 (EFI, shafty, w/ 25k mile valve adj.
> interval).  Both fit all three of your criteria.  An ST2 (very comfortable
> for taller folks, too long of a reach for 5'9"ers like me) would fit
> criteria #'s 1 & 3, but you have the inevitable short interval desmo valve
> adjustment thing to deal with.
> Bill in Yardley, PA
> wkdenton at
> '96 GPz1100
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> From: "Sims, Robert B MAJ MIL USA OSD"
> In hindsight, I can't believe I pretended to be comfortable on the GPZ for
> as long as I did. I went through the same decision making process, and for
> me, there were only three important criteria:
> >
> > 1. Comfortable for a tall person (I'm 6'4"/193 cm with a 35"/89 cm inseam)
> > 2. Low maintenance features
> > 3. Hard luggage compatible
> >
> > Sounds simple, but really, there are only two street-friendly bikes out
> > there that generally meet these criteria: the Buell Ulysses and the BMW
> > R1200GS.

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