Shifting Fixes??

Terry Packer packertl2 at
Fri Sep 7 14:55:58 PDT 2007

Thanks guys for joining the conversation. Your
responses indicate that you feel your bikes are all
fine, at least equal to the other Japanese multis. So
maybe it is only my bike.  

Be reading the lists' responses, I'm suspicious that
it requires special oil blends and special riding
techniques to bring the bike up to just normal
standards. At a minimum, I'd expect it to be equal or
better than the '86 Connie I rode for 10 years. And
I'd say it's been way superior in every respect -
except shifting! If I learn anything more I'll
definitely report back.

--- Julian Solomensky <jsolo at> wrote:

> Terry,
> Is it possible it's your shifting technique?  I've
> found that when I shifted the gpz under 3.5-4K, the
> shift would usually be notchy.  Above that, usually
> smooth.
> Also, it seems to shift smoother if you load up the
> throttle first.  That is, accelerate a small amount
> then shift, as opposed to cruise, then realize you
> could probably be in a higher gear.
> I find this characteristic with the new bike too,
> although not as noticeable as the gpz was.

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