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Steven Bixby steven at
Mon Sep 10 14:36:04 PDT 2007

The process of putting her in the water was really slow.  I'd take a shot or
two, wait five minutes, etc.   When she fell off the dolly, I was just ...
shocked!  My jaw was around my knees and my eyes were saucers.  I didn't
even think about taking shots until it was essentially all over.

The boat keeled over about 45 degrees or so; one guy who was on the boat as
she was slid into the water was literally over the rail, standing on the
hull and holding onto the rail itself; he was obviously prepared for it to
go over completely.  I don't know what happened to the other guy on deck at
the time.

As for the listing - we had all kinds of theories around the office here and
the one that sticks best is that there was probably some amount of equipment
or ballast on board that shifted to one side.  Also, after the tug lashed up
at the angle it was at, it looked to be a pretty tight lash-up.  It wasn't
rocking or listing any more or less than before the lash-up, so I think the
tug was holding it at that angle.  Once they started motoring out of the
harbor, the listing seemed *less*.

I should go down to the yard where the restorer crew works and see if could
get some more photos.  I really hope-hope-hope she didn't take any
significant damage.  I would have to assume at least some paint got left
behind, but at least above the waterline it was still flawless.

On 9/10/07, Rob Schwartz <coldinvt at> wrote:
> Wow!  We don't see stuff like that in VT very often!  Very cool!  I looks
> like she was listing a bit to that left side where the dolly fell off...
> Oops!  (no pics??  bad photojournalist!) ;-)
> Very cool pics, Steve!

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