flush mount LED directionals

Rickard Olsson richie at webhackande.se
Wed Sep 12 06:23:59 PDT 2007

blackbear at frontiernet.net wrote:

> They do look good, but one thing I noticed is that my dash indicators 
> and rear directionals are now blinking at twice normal speed.  I was 
> under the impression from their instructions that no resistor was 
> needed, that these were "plug-n-play".

Ah, that explains it. I was wondering how the Protons would be able to 
modulate the rest of the system electronically and so the answer is 
"They don't". They just take care of themselves...

> For anyone on list that also has these, did the rest of the directional 
> system speed up for you?  Are there any recommendations on how to "fix" 
> this so everything blinks at the same rate?

There's a resistor solution available from, well basically everywhere.


My local dealer had one back when I just swapped my rears for small 5 
Watts and I kept it in when I installed the Protons. Took a bit of 
head-scratching to install as it only had three leads. :-)

(Hint: The two blinkies have a common ground.)

     / Richie

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