help identify mystery GPz washer

1KPerDay 1kperday at
Thu Sep 20 19:21:07 PDT 2007

It's not uncommon for me when I finish a project to have a few
assorted mystery parts left over. Typically I throw them over my
shoulder into the pile of old bean cans in the corner of my garage,
but this one, which I found underneath my GPz after I finally got it
all buttoned back up, fuel tank on, vac lines connected, etc., looks
to be possibly important. It has oil/crud residue on it, is rubber
with a metal supporting liner, and probably holds oil in somewhere.
I've racked my brain and the only thing I can think of is that it's a
washer that seals the valve cover bolt holes (not the figure-8 spark
plug gaskets). I have a vague memory of seeing something similar in
the valve cover, but they don't normally fall out when removing the
cover, or at least they haven't before. Anyone want to confirm this
before I freakin' tear my bike apart again? Rrrrrggg....

Utah Jeff
'96 SheePz1100

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