Throttle cable routing?

David Beard davidebeard at
Wed Sep 26 09:21:45 PDT 2007

Mine is on the throttle side of the steering head. Not long enough with 
risers to go on the other side.

Dave B

Don Wilcox wrote:
> Ok, this is gonna sound stupid, but which side of the steering head are your
> trottle cables routed on? Noticed the other day that the grip was taking way
> too much effort to turn, so I pulled it all apart, lubed the cables,
> regreased the throttle sleeve, then when reassembling, it seemed like there
> just wasn' tenough cable to easily reattach to the throttle housing... so I
> pulled them through and routed on the right side of the steering head and
> buttoned her up.
> OMFG. All of a sudden, I have to be WAY careful in traffic, since it's TOO
> easy to grab a big handful and ride like a squid. I'm sure the old old
> grease under the throttle sleeve wasn't helping, but I get the feeling that
> I may have had a bound up cable, making it way hard to turn. Maybe some damn
> fool routed them on the wrong side of the steering head...
> Don in GJ

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