Rebuilding the Carbs

Julian Solomensky jsolo at
Fri Sep 28 11:09:54 PDT 2007

Hello Jeffrey,

Are you running premium in the bike, have you tried a different brand of fuel?  Is there an ignition advancer installed.  FWIW, I've always ran premium in the bike.  The few times I experienced pinging was when running mid or low grade fuel after installation of the ign advancer.  I believe running too lean can cause pinging as well.  In the 11 years I had the bike, the only fuel change was FACTORY brand needles.  All the jets were original at 80K miles.

I don't think 3800 rpm is lugging the engine, it is a transitional rpm.

Good luck

Friday, September 28, 2007, 12:52:57 PM, you wrote:

> My problem is pinging. Part of the cause was my own riding style.
> When I first got the bike I was lugging the engine. You guys helped
> me to correct that behavior so now I don't experience pinging very
> often. Yesterday however I decided to give it full throttle in 3rd
> gear at about 3800rpm. It pinged all the way through 5000rpm. In
> addition to this, the idle flutters about 200rpm in either direction
> (I've dialed in the pilot jets to 2.5 turns). I've synced the carbs,
> adjusted the valves and tried Techron, all to no avail. Perhaps the
> better approach would be to just remove the carbs and check all of
> the settings, float, jets, etc. to see if they are in factory spec
> before I attempt to actually rebuild them
>   Thanks for the help,
>   -Jeff

Best regards,
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