Gettin' Ready for the Burlington Bash

Chris H. chillywilly5280 at
Sat Sep 29 10:00:22 PDT 2007

On 26 Sep, 07, at 8:24, Dave Daniels wrote:

>> I rented a PT Cruiser in Denver a couple years ago....didn't like  
>> it. They're made for people with short legs. When I got the seat  
>> adjusted so my legs felt right, my arms were stretched almost all  
>> the way out. Wierd.

On 29 Sep, 07, at 9:00, Paul Heim wrote:

> My mom drives a PT Croozer.  She said one of her friends didn't  
> like the looks of it.  When my mom asked why, her friend said it  
> looked like a hearse for midgets. I've not been able to erase that  
> image from my brain since.

The boss at a previous job drove a PT Cruiser. A friend of mine said  
it reminded him of the car that all the circus clowns pile out of in  
the center ring. From that day on, every time I looked at the boss I  
couldn't help but envision him with big clown shoes and a big clown  
nose. It was all I could do to keep from laughing in his face. My  
respect for him went from zero to negative.


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