Front end rattle

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My first Gpz had loose front rotors that rattled over bumps. The rivets that fastened them to the wheel had worn holes. Easy check grab a rotor and wiggle it.


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I wouldn't ride it till you find out for sure.
You could damage the countershaft, sprockets, chain, internal engine if the motor is not aligned.

Try putting a floor jack under the motor and slowly lifting the jack to see if there is movement.


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Hi all,

My venerable GPZ has developed a rattle in the front end.  It gives a definite "clunk" over even fairly small bumps - similar to sloppy head bearings.  I actually thought it may be the head stem bearings working loose (as they seem to do from time to time), but I checked yesterday and they appear OK.  A friend of mine who has a Concours suggested the engine mounts may be going.  I checked them also, and it does appear there is little to no clearance between the exhaust and the bottom of the engine.

My questions are as follows: how can I definitively check if the engine mounts have collapsed; are they easily replaced (i.e. not requiring engine removal); and how urgent is the replacement - am I damaging the bike riding it like this?  I don't recall any other list member striking this issue, but this may be due to having one of the higher milage/older models on the list.

Any info/advice appreciated - along with suggestions of alternative causes for the rattle.

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