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blackbear at blackbear at
Thu Apr 10 10:13:41 PDT 2008

If only I had the money NOW!

Guys are putting Hemi's and Cat deisels and LS1 engines in their Jeep  
JKs.  I'd love to be able to build this toy up into a serious offroader.

I'd also love to get my hands on a '69 Charger and drop a Viper motor in it. dream!


Quoting Dave Daniels <dwaynedaniels at>:

> If I'd had the money back then...
> Charles Scappaticci <scapco at> wrote:  Lived my dreams   
> back when. Had a built 62 Vette, a 70 Hurst Olds, 67
> Pontiac GTO, 76 & 79 Vette's, 81 Camaro Z-28 Then I got married and the
> rest is history. :-( Oops, almost forgot I had a 73 Pinto, ran 20.40's
> at the track while I was rebuilding my 62 Vette's motor.
> Charles S.
> Dave Daniels wrote:
>> Dodge Charger...anywhere from 1968 to 1974 with either a 440 magnum  
>>  or, and preferably, a 426 hemi, and a 4 on the floor Hurst.
>> Ask Dave Beard about his rear view mirror on his 1970 Challenger ;-)
>> Also ask him about his rotating muffler.....sorry Dave....I had to.
>> Jerry Clair wrote:
>> Awesome imagine Steven. Mine one dream was a '67 cougar sleeper!
>> But it always ended with a big block Dodge.
>> Anyone else?
>> Steven Bixby wrote: Oh, man, that reminds me of a car fantasy back   
>> in the day.

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