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My favorite car was my '79 Chevy Monza Spyder , My first new car. I loved 
that thing. I lowered it an inch all around, with a special set of coil 
springs I ordered, then put Polyurethane bushings at all corners. Then added 
KYB gas adjusts (This was circa 1979-85 no one was using gas shocks in those 
days.) Then I went with reversed 50's on the rear and 60s up front. The 
motor was a 231 V^ that I put a kenne-bell dual pattern cam in , added a 
street dominator monifold and carter 450 CFM four barrel . then added a 
shift kit to the trans, and the car wqoudl chirp the tires going from 1st 
to 2nd gear, way cool!. That car was the best handling car I ever had. It 
was like ridiing on rails. It was black with the gold striping. An awesome 
car I remember very well. Not fast in a straight line, but it would out run 
just about anything when the road got curvy

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