Idiot Season

Bill Magitz corbie at
Tue Apr 15 13:17:52 PDT 2008

>>>>>>>>>  but had I been on the Geeper a collision
might bring both of use down <<<<<<<<<<
I think a 500+ pound bike with a 200 pound ± rider would easily bring down a bicyclist , maybe I'll hunt one down and see if this theory is true ..................................
I agree with Jay , cars don't expect to see a bicycle move at 20+ mph . I had a crash on my bike some years ago when I lived only 4½ miles from work ( and I lost my license ) I rode nearly every day. A car made a right hand turn into a strip mall right in front of me and there was no avoidance I whacked the side of her car and me and bike ended up on the other side , luckily only some road rash and a smashed front wheel.  her dad paid for all repairs but the funny thing is as I was walking the bike home that 4-5 miles not a single van or pickup would stop and offer a ride even though it was obvious
my bicycle was trashed , finally a hottie in a lexus stopped and we managed to squeeze the bike in the trunk and she rode me home.

another funny story with bicycles and I may have posted this one before but......some of the guys I ride with ( motorcycles ) are sloooowwww  I mean real sssslllloooowwww , they had a group of bicyclists behind them getting mad cuz they were going too slow , my riding buds thought it was hilarious , jackasses. ya gotta be riding slow on a motorcycle if bicyclists think you're slow.

well enough rambling---bill m---

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> Well, it looks like idiot season is upon us here in
> Denver.  I had my first "close encounter" yesterday on the
> way home from work with an idiot on a bicycle.  Why is it
> they will turn around and look at you, then pull right in
> front of you?  I was in my Beemer, so I would have won
> rather easily, but had I been on the Geeper a collision
> might bring both of use down.  Needless to say I made my
> feelings clear by using sign language to express my
> dissatisfaction with him.
> Charles S.
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