Idiot Season

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Tue Apr 15 20:29:52 PDT 2008

 << Ralph, you should try riding a bicycle sometime to see what it's really 
like when they're all out to get you.  I've had cars swerve twelve feet out 
of their way just to run me off the edge of the shoulder.  Trust me, 
bicyclists don't have the monopoly on stupidity.  Cagers and motorcylists 
are just as guilty of it.  I saw a guy riding a Hardley last week talking on 
a cell phone.  That's smart.  Operating a vehicle with ones head extracted 
from one's @$$ isn't the sole responsibility of the operator of the less 
powerful and unprotected vehicle.  If that were the case, I'd be driving a 
cement truck. >>

re-read my post Dave, I've done plenty of bicycling. The safety of the 
person Operating a vehicle with less power and unprotected is THAT persons 
responsibility. If some idiot in a car swerves at you and hurts you or 
worse, all the yelling and screaming in the world is not going to help you 
in any way shape or form you'll still be the one lying on the ground. Every 
vehicle operator, no matter what it is is responsible for their own safety. 
If someone is on a bicycle with an Ipod strapped to his head blaring away, 
and he never hears that car behind him whose driver is on the cell phone and 
she runs him over, yeah she was in the wrong, but was the guy riding the 
bicycle obliviously any less responsible for his own accident because he 
wasn't paying attention and relied on "Oh they'll see me." like so many 
motorcyclists often do? I'm not saying bicyclists are stupid, not at all, 
but just like in motorcycling we have idiots who obnoxiously believe that 
everyone should watch out for them and not the other way around.

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