Idiot something or other

David Beard davidebeard at
Wed Apr 16 09:53:27 PDT 2008

I agree with Charles. This is pertinent to riding (whether it's a GPZ or 
anything else).

Frankly, I have rarely posted here lately because I've seen the "topic 
police" exercise a heavy hand on too many occasions. I always thought 
that riding was not only about getting out on the road, but also 
enjoying the camaraderie of fellow riders. If you aren't interested in 
the email, hit the delete key. Doesn't cost anything (at least not yet) 
to receive an email. Personally, I like to read some of the emails that 
drift off topic. Best way to get to know about your fellow listers. If 
all you want to read is GPZ information, buy a manual.

Dave B

scapco at wrote:
> Where it applies to GPZ riders is this: Having been hit and 
> run by a car and crashed into by a drunk on a Harley while 
> riding my GPZ, I am concerned about going down again 
> because of someone else's carelessness or stupidity.  One 
> more time down on my right knee and my dirt biking days may 
> be over for good, maybe my street days too.

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