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Wed Apr 16 09:44:17 PDT 2008

Okay, I started this thread so I'll answer this.  No, it's 
not a political or gripe board.  My email was intended to 
call attention the "minority" of bad bicycle riders.  We've 
all came around a corner and had to slam on the brakes or 
take evasive action due to some idiot or idiots 
bicycling/riding/skating/driving where they don't belong.  

Where it applies to GPZ riders is this: Having been hit and 
run by a car and crashed into by a drunk on a Harley while 
riding my GPZ, I am concerned about going down again 
because of someone else's carelessness or stupidity.  One 
more time down on my right knee and my dirt biking days may 
be over for good, maybe my street days too.

I believe the discussion simply helps to make one more 
aware, especially coming off of a long, cold winter when 
everyone's riding skills are rusty.  I assume that everyone 
out there is going to run over me if I don't watch out for 
them and I never assume they see me.  It really doesn't 
matter what form of transportation they are using, there 
will always be a minority of them who are simply idiots, 
IMO, and make the world a more dangerous place for the rest 
of us.  I've already seen several motorcycle wrecks this 
year and do not want to be involved in one myself.

Charles S.
95 GPZ1100
03 WR450-F
99 KX-250

>Whew! Day two of this, huh? The world has no shortage of 
>idiots. That's not news, but I don't see how any of this 
>applies to GPZ riders? Is this a political forum or gripe 
>board now?
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> Let me tell you about the in-line skater who was bombing 
along the
> sidewalk at 30-40 kph and came close to nailing the right 
side of my
> car, as I was filtering right onto a main road. He banged 
on my hood in
> an agitated fashion as he just made it around the front. 
> I wondered is he a vehicle or a pedestrian and would I 
have been at
> fault? My nephew (who is a cop) assured me the in-line 
guy is a vehicle.
> Art in TO
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> So guys how do you feel about skateboards ???  heeheehee
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