1st ride of the year on the Gpz

The Masons masonjs at nrtco.net
Mon Apr 21 12:55:30 PDT 2008

Well the snow finally melted from the cottage driveway and I was able to 
drive in yesterday.  The yard was too wet to even think of taking Ruby out 
so I put down some 2x10 planking and rolled the Triumph into the truck and 
brought it home.  This morning I went down the yard was still wet but there 
was a dry or drier trail higher up to get me to the driveway.  Then I 
chickened out and threw down several sheets of old plywood so I could cross 
the lawn.  I should have done this for Steve about 4 years ago.  I found 
some acorns in the battery box.  This is a first.  I have enough poison laid 
out in that garage to kill every rodent in a 100 km radius.  It does look 
like the poison must have got what ever stashed the groceries as none of 
them had been eaten.  It was a bright sunny 23 C (78 F fer you Americans). 
Ruby fired up on the 2nd hit of the button, the plywood road worked 
perfectly and we were off to Calabogie, Centennial Lake Road, Matawatchan, 
Denbigh, Hardwood lake, Schutt, Jewelville, Quadevile, Wolfe, Foymont, 
Cormac, Eganville, Kelly's corners, Pine Valley and home to Cobden.  I 
rolled into the gas station pulled in the clutch and the engine quit--out of 
fuel.  It drank $25.00 worth at $1.15/liter. Was a good 320 km.  I noticed 
my back and ass will need to get adjusted to this again.


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