bike problem

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Tue Aug 5 16:49:03 PDT 2008

Pardon me one and all!!
Yes, definitely water in the gas and the gas line antifreeze which
worked for me when my Geepers was exhibiting similar symptoms is Methyl
Art Robinson
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No, but I think you meant water in the gas??

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Have you checked for gas in the water? Try some "gas line antifreeze". I
think its ethylene glycol.

Art Robinson

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I had one plug crap up on me a couple of times and cured the problem by 
getting on the bike and riding it really hard until it cleared up. That

being said, I know that some listers recommend replacing the plugs
than cleaning. If the problem comes back, I'd suspect the plug wire.

Paul in Ohio
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Subject: bike problem

> I've been conferring with Dave Beard but thought I'd seek other
> as well. My bike started running rough a couple weeks ago on my way
> from work. Actually, it started right when I started it to come home. 
> Sounded like it was running on three cylinders.
> Pulled the tank off and the spark plug wires off and gazed down the 
> wells. No. 3 had oil in it, so I figured one of my figure 8 gaskets
> bad.
> So, I orderd some new ones and switched them out. Also put in new
> Got it all back together and started it up. It ran fine for a bit then

> started getting rough again.
> So, I pulled the plugs again and looked in the wells again. No oil
> time, but no. 4 plug was getting carboned up.
> So, I cleaned them off, put them back in, put the tank back on and
hit it 
> again. Ran good for about a minute, then went rough again. So, I got a
> of wd-40 and sprayed it on the exhaust pipes coming out of the head.
> smoke completely off all but no. 4. It just ran down that pipe.
> So, it seems no. 4 isn't firing. Any ideas?
> Thanks,
> Dave D.


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