Steve and Jims adventure?

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Hey Randolph!? Hey Guys!

Just chiming in on saying "Hello!"? Good to hear of your trips guys.

Happy Trails!

Ron Jordan
Altadena, CA? Lost keys = no riding lately...working on it...

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Hey guys,
Although largely a lurker,?I enjoyed reading your accounts of trips made this 
summer and the photos (Cinci, etc.) that y'all shared.
I also did a long ride two weeks ago: New Orleans to Fort Lauderdale, about 800 
miles on the ZZR 1200. Split into two 400-mile days both
Had to do business there so I decided that it was time for a long run.? Strapped 
on a pair of humongous Givi monokeys. (those thinks stick out there so much that 
it;s like turning a pickup into a duallie) and a tank bag.
The ZZR is not as smooth as the GPZ. You have to be doing 90 plus to achieve 
comparable silkiness and then above 110 it becomes a hooligan again.
I took the super slab, I-10, I-75, Florida turnpike, so there were no rewarding 
sightseeing stuff or interesting landscapes (except perhaps the rolling hills? 
hillocks? of the first 30? miles of the FL turnpike going South) so there are no 
photos to post.
It was strictly man and machine, tarmac and lurking cops, focus and 
So as a strictly riding experience here are some issues that may interest 
Convertibars rock! That added height and with a d.i.y customizing of the 
notorious ZZR seat (add?a gel pad and additional foam in the butt area, then 
staple/hand sew another vinyl seat covering over the original) resulted in 
surprising lack of back or butt aches at the end of the day for this sixty-plus 
However, the back of the thighs from the butt six inches down, by the end of the 
day was literally on fire! Most of the day it was around 95 degrees and I was 
wearing jeans.? 
For the return trip, I bought a pair of out of season fleece pants and changed 
to boxers. That helped, but only a little.
help? ice at the end of the day?
Secondly, if you are not averse to riding in the rain, get a Triumph rain suit.? 
This is the best of several I've tried. It's a one-piece that zips up funny (you 
start at the ankles and zip up to the neck) but boy, I rode 
in tropical storm 
weather - black sky, Niagara rain, lane-change ?winds - from Orlando to Ocares 
on the way back and the only discomfort was soaked gloves. They cost about $100 
and are available online.
Lastly, has anyone found a pair of Ipod head phones that can stay in place 
when?a helmet is pulled on? Music would have certainly been an improvement on my 
ear plugs.
Thanks for your patience if you have read this far.
And thanks for continuing to give me access to this great list.
Randy in New Orleans.
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Feckin' sweet!!? Good luck with the rest of your epic ride!!

Michelle & I just completed ~700 miles over 5 days on the FJR Garmin-chasing 
around VT, NH, ME, VT, NY, VT, MA & VT.? Great stuff, mostly, but I recommend 
against riding in NH until they invest in some repaving!? Roads that could have 
been worth the trip on their own were downright awful.? I swear that state needs 
to start charging a sales tax.


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Greetings from Newfoundland! We completed our traverse of the the Trans-Lab 
Hiway without incident, nobody crashed no flats no nothing (knock wood). Took 
the overnight ferry from Goose Bay to Cartwright yesterday and rode to Blanc 
Sablon where we took another ferry across to Newfoundland last night. Rode 
around "the rock" today, main highlight was the Norse settlement where they 
believe Lief Erikson landed. Tomorrow we will spend more time on the Viking 
Trail and catch a late night ferry to Nova Scotia where we will ride the Cabot 
trail and head into ne Brunswick. All the 
bikes are running great and I'm liking 
the KLR more and more each day. It's quite a workhorse. Wish us luck with the 
rest of our trip!

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> Anyone hear from Steve or Mason yet ?
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