should the horn work even if it's not bolted down?

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Fri Aug 8 09:45:47 PDT 2008


My son and I (95 GPZ / 955 Sprint ST) have been doing a yearly trip to Deals Gap over the last 4 years. Homed in on the Deals Gap Motorcycle Resort and did a week’s worth of day trips in that general area. Last year was probably our last year due to all of the congestion by the belt drive crews (there for the “I survived the Dragon” t-shirts…some didn’t). We’re thinking of checking out Colorado this year, have never spent any time there and am looking for some pointers. So, some questions:

- Good regions / roads to check out? We’ll have about 5 days to play with.

-Any suggested Motorcycle friendly motels or campgrounds you’ve encountered? Simple bunkers, similar to the Deals Gap resort, would suffice but can do tents. If a campground…not too primitive. May possibly want to just park the van / trailer and do some multi-day trips from an accommodating campground.

-Any weather concerns? We’re looking at mid to late September.

Any other tips / advice appreciated.

Thanks in advance,
Mark R

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