Colorado info (was horn bolted down)

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Hello Mark,

Where are you coming from?
If you want to do Colorado, wait till next year and join the Fandango in 
Will that happen again next year? I hope so.

There are also some great roads and scenery in southern UT. I can help you 
out with that if you're interested.


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> Hello,
> My son and I (95 GPZ / 955 Sprint ST) have been doing a yearly trip to 
> Deals Gap over the last 4 years. Homed in on the Deals Gap Motorcycle 
> Resort and did a week’s worth of day trips in that general area. Last year 
> was probably our last year due to all of the congestion by the belt drive 
> crews (there for the “I survived the Dragon” t-shirts…some didn’t). We’re 
> thinking of checking out Colorado this year, have never spent any time 
> there and am looking for some pointers. So, some questions:
> - Good regions / roads to check out? We’ll have about 5 days to play with.
> -Any suggested Motorcycle friendly motels or campgrounds you’ve 
> encountered? Simple bunkers, similar to the Deals Gap resort, would 
> suffice but can do tents. If a campground…not too primitive. May possibly 
> want to just park the van / trailer and do some multi-day trips from an 
> accommodating campground.
> -Any weather concerns? We’re looking at mid to late September.
> Any other tips / advice appreciated.
> Thanks in advance,
> Mark R

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