Tank Range?

Rickard Olsson richie at webhackande.se
Sat Aug 9 00:22:28 PDT 2008

Jeffrey Walker wrote:

> Q:  On average, how far do you go before you hit your reserve?  How far have
> you pushed it into the reserve?  

I'd say 320km which would be right about 200 miles. I've gone 440km on a 
tank a few times, but only on the slow curvy roads in Norway. :-) I 
haven't actually run out of gas yet (in 11 years), but I've had a few 
close shaves.

> Last week I hit the reserve at precisely 200 miles, but when I filled up it
> only took 4.1 gallons... seems like a large reserve, and it makes me nervous
> because the gas needle goes down to E, yet I apparently still have at least
> a gallon or more in there.

IIRC, the reserve is 5 liters, ie a gallon and a quart. The tank takes 
22 liters in total.

	/ Richie

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