The Masons masonjs at nrtco.net
Sun Aug 10 14:59:46 PDT 2008

The alcohol (gasline antifreeze) absorbs (is miscible-- can't really 
remember if this is the right term from high school chemistry 40 + years 
ago) .  The resultant product will burn compatibly with gasoline in a 4 
cycle engine.  With the amount of rain I drove through in the last 6 days is 
probably a good thing there was 10% alcohol in the fuel the bungle bee was 
sucking down.  In the 5588.8 km (3473.5 miles) I rode in the past 10 days 
over, freeways, interstates, 2ndary highways, rough pavement smooth pavement 
, dirt, gravel etc the 2003 Suzuki Vstrom 1000 gave me 18.4 km/liter (43.3 
miles per USA gallon-52.4 miles per Imperial gallon).
My case of severe monkey butt is fading,  my kids said use mom's boob cream, 
it sure helps with sunburn.  This is a prescription cream remaining from her 
radiation for breast cancer from 1997.  She's been cancer free for 10 years. 
Didn't know anything good could come of breast cancer. Between that and a 
couple of swims in the Ottawa River and a bath in the same after cutting my 
lawn  (I don't know what we sent down stream from the "Bomb" (Chalk River 
Nuclear Labs) but the river seems to clear up a number of annoying problems 
like bug bites, poison ivy bramble scratches. Fucking scary.
Anybody heard from Northrop as yet?  He was to visit his daughter in 
Portsmouth ? NH and boogie home today.


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