place not to stay

The Masons masonjs at
Sun Aug 10 15:56:12 PDT 2008

Try to avoid the Comfort Inn in Truro Nova Scotia.  I arrived there about 
5:00 pm Friday cold, wet on the verge of Hypothermia and needed a room.  I 
got nicked $167.00 + tax that worked out to $189.50.  I got a small room 
with a queen bed, pullout couch, bar fridge, microwave--no laundry 
facilities, no pool, no hot tub - 2.5 * hotel in a Nova Scotia town charging 
5* rates in a large city. (I've paid less than this for a suite in a 5* 
hotel in Ottawa with 4 in the room.  Yeah my wife said why didn't you 
bargain with them.  After 6 hours in the rain and looking for a room for the 
previous 160 km (100 miles) to find  everything booked I would have given 
them the bike for a hot shower.  After I got settled in had a shower found 
some beer and grub I find out the guy in the next room paid $140.00 total. 
The guy on the other side of me paid $170.00 + tax.  Comfort Inn's policy is 
the raise the rate of the room as the hotel fills.  I was told this by the 
morning desk clerk.
Those of you with other bike networks might inform them of this.


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