Carb sync

Jeffrey Markham automan25 at
Mon Aug 11 08:47:16 PDT 2008

I've done a carb sync and each carb has it's own vacuum port. You'll want to connect each of the four lines from your carb sync tool directly to the vacuum ports on the carbs, blocking off the lines you removed in the process.

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    I noticed in my shop manual that it looks like there are only two vaccum
lines running from the carbs. Probably for carb 1&2 and carb 3& 4. I know on
my old ZG1000 Concours there was one for each carb. Has anyone done the carb
sync so they know if there is just two lines? I haven't had the tank off yet
and could tell then but thought I would see in advance.

  Thanks  Les J.  Eugene Or


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