Hotel Complaint

Marilyn Mason masonjs at
Mon Aug 18 13:33:11 PDT 2008

Well sitting here in the rain I finally found a call in site for Choice 
Hotels owners of the Comfort Inn chain.  I was not pleased being gouged 
$190.00/night for a single at the Comfort Inn in Truro NS.  It pissed me off 
even more when I got on their web site and they advertize their rooms across 
Canada at rates between $79.95 to $104.95.  These prices arfe in all the 
major cities in Canada not some dinky Blue Noser town.
I did actually get to speak to a real person.  Probably nothing will come of 
it but I feel better.  Actually the final nail in the Nova Scotia coffin for 
me was being nailed $4.00 to get out of the place on the 4 lane highway that 
my Ontario taxes pay for as NS is a have not province.  Christ they have 
better highways than I have at home.


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