TLH Trip, Chapter Two

Marilyn Mason masonjs at
Mon Aug 18 13:51:16 PDT 2008

Don't get tangled up with anyone growing hemp on the island--they guard 
their cash crop.
Have a good time its a beautiful island.  If you had my Vstrom a good trip 
would be to take a ferry at the north end of the island to Bella Coola and 
then take the mountain dirt (it could be paved now) the 500 miles east to 
Williams Lake.  When I was on the east end of it driving into Alexis Creek 
back in the early 70's.  It was actually scarier than anything on the Qc/TLH 
from 2 weeks ago.  1.5 lanes dirt, blind corners, locals drove it at 70 mph. 
You looked at the road straight ahead of you and then 2 miles ahead 
everytime you came around a moutain corner.  If you saw dust rising look for 
a wide spot in the road to pull over and let what ever was coming, go past.
Generally Canada is safer than the USA.  But while I was away on my trip I 
found some 21 year old kid in Chilliwack (an hour east of Vancouver) shot 
and killed my daughter Liz's (we adopted Liz at 7 weeks old) 1/2 brother 
Zacary who was only 17.  Apparently the 21 year old was giving a bunch of 
them a hard ime so 3 of them walked him up the street and asked him to leave 
them alone.  They turned and started to walk back when the 21 year old 
pulled out a semi auto pistol and opened up on them.  He hit all 3 of them 
in the legs but put one round into Zac's back and through his heart.  The 
kid turned himself in 4 days later.

Stupid shit like this shouldn't happen.


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