saddle bags

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Thu Aug 21 13:41:23 PDT 2008

Yeah... add on a different seat. ;)

Corbins suck, IMO, but some love them. It depends on your butt. Yours,
like mine, apparently disagrees with them. I had russell build me one.
Other good makers are rich mayer or bill mayer (for about $350-$400),
or you can try an airhawk pad (about $150ish) or gel pad. Or try a
beadrider seat cover. Or get a sheepskin pad from alaska leather.Cheap
and very effective. baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

On Thu, Aug 21, 2008 at 2:36 PM, Doyle, William <wdoyle at> wrote:

> I have a Corbin seat and i am wondering if there is any sort of add on
> that can  reduce the soreness in your ass after a long ride.

FYI the OEM cases are prett small and not waterpoof (fabric sides).
They do look good, though. If you want functional, lockable,
waterproof cases and aren't put off by a bit of funky looks, check out
Givi or Hepco-Becker side cases. Or get a top case, which rule.

Utah Jeff
'96 SheePz1100

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