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I didn't mind the stock seat but with the stock bars I would put too much 
weight on my wrists and they would take a beating.  I did have a Corbin seat 
but they are not worth the $.  It was like a concrete block.  I wore bicycle 
shorts which helped a bit.  But as you say the smart thing is to get off the 
bike at 150 km.
I was doing well on the Trans Labrador trip while riding with the other guys 
as Bill & Bruce smoked so we took a break every 30 - 40 minutes--then I 
could spend 10 blinking before another bout of wide eyed staring as the 
gravel road and the 18" wide path I was trying to maintain while doing 80 
kph (50 mph).  My Suzuki with the Avon Distenza rear and Bridgestone 
deathwing front got pretty squirrelly at 90 - 100 kph (55 - 60 mph) which 
seemed to be the speed the other guys bikes ran well at.  I realized quickly 
if I was closing on them to start down shifting and see wtf was slowing them 
down.  Once I was by myself I don't tend to stop for anything but fuel and 
food so I'll run 3 hrs which is hard on an old man's skinny arse when you 
use 3 tanks in a day.

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> wasn't goin for the iron butt record, just mentioning that for me the 
> stock seat and bars are OK. 5'-10", 200#, 53yrs
> a GPZ rider HAS to stop for gas every 300 kms, or 3 hrs. getting off 
> helps.
>>>> "The Masons" <masonjs at> 8/21/2008 8:06 PM >>>
>> the stock saddle works for moi, sans risers, sheepskins,gelpads. 650+
>> miles, 13 hours Van BC > Calgary AB, over the Rockies, Coast Mtns
>> art in cowtown
> I'm afraid a guy named Jimmy Fraser has you beat -- Denver Colorado to 
> Deep
> River Ontario 1890 miles on a stock seat and bars.  He did stop in Orillia
> ON for 2 hours because he was getting cold July in 1998.  He was late for
> work at the bomb the next day.
> Jim

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