Arrggghh... Battery woes..

The Masons masonjs at
Sun Aug 24 06:54:49 PDT 2008

If you're not getting anything maybe you've got more than just your battery. 
Connect another battery that you know is good in parallel to the existing 
battery.  If everything works ok and it fires up its your battery. 
Unfortunately you live in Canada and a semi remote spot so you're going to 
take a shit kicking for your battery.  I live in Ontario and it isn't much 
better.  I usually get mine from Total Battery.  They are normally about 1/2 
the dealer price.  I don't know if there are any outlets in BC.  What you 
can do to save $ on tires and other maintenance items is buy them in the 
USA.   You're not too far from the border.  Pep Boys, auto zone carry oil 
filters for about $3.00 @ which is better than the dealer here at $14.00. 
Plan a trip and book lodging.  Contact the large mail order bike parts 
places (MAW, Motorcycle super store).  I've had MAW ship tires for me to 
Howard Johnson's in Beckley WV.  Your price for a rear tire should be in the 
$250.00 range.  I paid $208.00 shipping included for 2 and they were waiting 
for me at the hotel.  I did make sure the hotel was willing to hold them for 
me.  Make sure you have stuff to strap them to your bike or maybe get them 
put on in the states.  I had one of the tires mounted at a Kawi dealer in 
Beckley --they removed the wheel , installed the tire, balanced it, and put 
it back on the bike for $28.26.  With the $ you save you can have a nice 
trip to Idaho.


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