Cleanup from TLH Trip

Marilyn Mason masonjs at
Sat Aug 30 08:43:14 PDT 2008

Well I've been trying to clean this Labadorian dust off my bike and other 
gear for 3 weeks.  The stuff sticks like baby shit to a Hudson Bay blanket. 
The worst is the Suzuki Kappa (GIVI knock off) Luggage.  I washed it at 
least 3 times and the black textured surface is still steaked with dust./ 
I'm not a clean freak by an stretch of the imagination but this is pissing 
me off.  I went over all the luggage with Pledge and it has given it a nice 
gloss black that will probably attract dirt accross a 100 acre field, but 
I'm finished with it until the next trip.  I thought I had the bike done and 
I removed the seat--JHC it looked like someone had blown up a flour mill 
under there. Fortunately I keep all the stuff under there in zip lock bags 
so I just had to haul every thing out, wipe it down about 3x then clean the 
storage space in the bike, put the stuff back, clean the botttom of the 
seat.  I'll have to take the 2 front and 2 rear side panels off and clean 
under them but that will be another day.  My back and knees are still aching 
from transfering 14 bundles of shingles by truck and boat from the building 
supply store to my cabin on Hogg Island.  This week I get to remove the old 
ones and install these.  Then take the 1/2 ton of used shingles and 
transport them by boat, then truck to the landfill site (dump) and pay for 
the priviledge.
My wife is having a yard sale so I'm outta here before I have to put away 
all the junk that doesn't sell.  A friend has a good idea.  When his wife 
has a yard sale it runs until noon, this leaves him enough time to load the 
remainer in his truck and make it to the landfill before it closes.


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