An insult to intelligences everywhere...

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   Come on bro. $35.00 to learn how to change your oil on a motorcycle where
   both the drain plug and fill plug are in easy sight? I think that's worthy
   of a little ridicule. Of course, $35.00 isn't bad when you have to pay
   $15.00 a quart for the genuine Harley-Davidson Motor Oil. You need a very
   special oil to keep that cutting edge technology lubed and in tip top shape.
   I have a Harley rider/friend who still uses straight 50w in cool weather and
   actually uses 90w gear lube in the crankcase when it gets hot out. Keeps it
   from leaking out as fast. He also carries a drip cup to catch the oil that
   leaks out and pours it back in the bike before he starts it up. (I'm not
   Dave B
   Dave Daniels wrote:

I have not problem with this. It might be helpful for a new owner. Get off the 

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Jerry I did it , please read my review !!!

Harleys for dummies? OMG...get the loctite out!

Come on everyone, put in  a nasty review with me.

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...or the funniest book ever printed.  You be the judge.


Bill in Yardley, PA
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