An insult to intelligences everywhere...

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   How to Change Oil in a Harley Davidson Motorcycle
   Remove the filler cap from the oil tank.
   Place the catch basin directly below the drain plug on the oil tank.
   Hold a siphon between the oil tank and the catch basin. Some newer Harley
   models may have their own drain hose that you can use.
   Use a socket wrench to remove the drain plug from the bottom of the oil
   tank, while continuing to hold the siphon in place.
   Wait until all oil has drained into the basin, then screw the drain plug
   back into the oil tank.
   Remove the seat of your motorcycle. Most Harley-Davidsons' oil filters are
   located in a cylinder under the seat.
   Take the lid off the cylinder's housing and remove the cylinder.
   Unlatch the clip that secures the cap on the cylinder using needle-nose
   pliers and lift out the used oil filter.
   Replace the old filter with a new filter before locking the cap back onto
   the cylinder. Put the cylinder back into its home and replace the lid.
   Bolt the seat securely back onto the Harley.
   Pour the new oil into your oil tank. Your service manual should designate
   the proper amount for your specific motorcycle model.
   Put the filler cap back onto the oil tank. Fasten it firmly to avoid a spray
   of oil.
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I have not problem with this. It might be helpful for a new owner. Get off the

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Jerry I did it , please read my review !!!

Harleys for dummies? OMG...get the loctite out!

Come on everyone, put in  a nasty review with me.

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...or the funniest book ever printed.  You be the judge.


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