Christmas wishes/Vermin Plinkers

Jonathon Jay annihilator1100 at
Mon Dec 22 13:27:15 PST 2008

I gotta pipe in, seeing as how I lurk in the shadows most of the time.
I do read all the posts...First off, Best Christmas wishes to all, hope the New Year brings joy and prosperity.
There seems to be a lot of speculation on what the new president will do in regards to guns in this country, considering his draconian take on guns in the past. I felt better safe than sorry so I jumped on the bandwagon.
For Christmas the wife recieved a brand spanking new Springfield XD 45 with Trijicon sights and a green laser targeting system. Purdy nice for someone who has never shot a bb gun...took her to the range to test first. Did fine with the 9's, a 40 was good, and she actually felt the .45 acp had less recoil. Got 5" groups at 25 meters, not bad for a first timer.
Thinking she was joking when she asked me what I wanted I was honest and she actually bought it for me. Wanted this for 20 years.
Her rationale was what if Obama initiates something similar to the Clinton ban, get grandfathered in now...
Brand new Remington 870. Matte black, 18" barell, 2 shot extension. Top folding stock, pistol grip, heat shield, red lazer under the barell. Sweet.
Sign of a good woman is one that buys you guns, says she'll be pissed if I sell my GpZ 'cause she sees how much I like it, and encourages me to play in bands because she says it makes me easier to get along with.
Who could ask for more? I am counting my blessings this X-mas, hope the rest of you guys have good things your way as welll.
Back to lurking. :)great > > year for getting some shopping bargains. My younger > > daughter turns 15 in mid January and being the caring > > father that I am, I went out and bought her birthday > > present yesterday, on sale of course. Since she's already > > got all the motorcycle and swimming gear (she's on the high > > school swim team) and such that she needs, I got her the > > next best thing. A Ruger 10/22 rifle of course. LOL! > > Can't wait to take her shooting.> >> > Charles S.> >> >> > > >> Happy New Merry Christmas Beers guys!> >> Don in GJ> >>> >> > >> >> >> >> > 
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