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Welcome to the list, Rob!  I'm not aware of anyone getting just downpipes, 
but several of us have full aftermarket systems.  Those who've used Micron 
systems seem most pleased.  I have a full Muzzy system which is louder than 
I'd prefer, but it came with the bike and I'm too cheap to part with it. 
The Jardine systems have a tendency to break a baffle in the collector 
section but are otherwise good, according to reports.

Enjoy your GPz!
Paul in Ohio
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> Hi All,
> 6 months into the purchase of my first (real) bike - GPZ1100 E1 1995/6,
> thought it time to join the ranks of the experienced to listen and learn.
> Recently broke the baffler in my Motad Venom exhaust system (4-1-2) and am
> looking for replacement downpipes to get rid of that "bag of spanners"
> sound. Any suggestions would be appreciated.
> Cheers,
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