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Good luck on either fixing your GPZ or getting something else.  I love my 95
GPZ but have only had it for 2 years now.  I had an 88 ZX10 Ninja which I
had from new to when I sold it 1 year ago.  My experience with a lot of
different bikes including Nortons, is that my ZX10 had some of the worst
electrical problems of any bike I owned, including the Nortons!  I could
usually fix them, but heck, coils going bad, intermittent CDI units, bad
ignition switches, heck I wonder why I bought another Kawasaki.  BUT, I LOVE
my 95 GPZ1100 and I tend to think as it re-uses a lot of earlier Kawasaki
parts, the engineers would have figured out the weak points.  That's what
I'm hoping at least, so I would go with another Kawasaki like the ZX1200
based on the fact it  re-uses so many earlier components.  That's why I just
bought an 07 Chevy 4X4 because I had so little problems with my 04 that I
figured the same basic truck would have all of the bugs worked out.  That's
my $0.02 worth at least and I still LOVE my GPZ much more than the old ZX10,
but the ZX was a fine bike in it's time but the electrical problems became a
real pain in the neck in it's old age when I sold it with ~55K miles on it.


95 GPZ1100
03 Honda CBR600RR
76 Honda 750 (aka 836 AHRMA #787 Vintage racer)

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Hi all,

Just thought I'd post an update on my bike woes.  It's still off the road
currently - my mechanic collected it the week before last but only looked at
it last week.  He called me to say it'd started straight up and run
(stationary) for 20 mins with no probs.  He then took it for a test ride, or
at least tried to - got about 100m down the road when it died.  They're
thinking it's the CDI unit, and have been waiting for a changeover unit for
4 days (and counting).  At least that ties in with my theories about it
being ignition related.

The good part is that, after having to drive in increasingly heavy traffic
for two weeks, and becoming totally jaded by the experience, I emailed a few
people begging for a loan bike.  I would have taken a scooter, but a work
colleague offered me his '02 model R1.  It's not a GPZ, but still a nice
bike...  Picked it up on Friday, and rode almost everywhere on the weekend.
The relief of being back on two wheels is immense.

On another note, there's a ZZR1200 advertised here :
I've liked these ever since their release, and this seems like a good
example.  It'd be a flight there, then a two day ride home, but if I can
work the price down a bit (this is the 3rd relist), it may be worth it.
Average price for these is around $10-11k, when they come up (which isn't
often).  I know a few list members have them, so is there anything
particular to look for, or are they pretty much "what you see is what you

'95 GPz1100 - It's big, it's blue, it's not going :(.
Melbourne, Australia
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