Bike rentals

schnowz schnowz at
Mon Feb 11 15:01:57 PST 2008

  What about a Beema? GS mebbe - Gotta be somone renting those out there.
My Buddy and I are in the early planning stages of flying out to the San 
Jose Cali area and renting bikes in September. Being a Beema rider he wants 
to rent a Beema for $150 including ins and everything else per day. Seems a 
lttle expensive for this cheap bastid.
  I would really like to rent a Weestrom or it's bigger bro. Anyone know of 
rental places in the Frisco/San Jose area.
  How's that for thread high jacking. ;-)

    Pete Staniforth

Skip the wedding and ride up into the rockies..

> I'm travelling to a wedding on Canada's left coast in May. We will be 
> flying into Vancouver and have a couple of extra days so I'm looking at 
> renting a bike from
> We plan on travelling to Kamloops which is 4 hrs. inland from Van. If you 
> look at the offerings from the above company my 3 top choices are the 
> FJR,ST1300 or the 1000 V-Strom.The Strom comes with 3 hard bags and I am 
> seriously considering one as my next purchase so I would like to give one 
> a good test run. I'm not sure how comfortable it will be for the G.F. 
> though. If we want to explore a secondary road it will be more suitable 
> than the other 2 super (heavy)sport tourers.
> Any comments, ideas?
> Mike Buehrle

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