She no go - final chapter

Simon White swhite at
Tue Feb 12 18:22:10 PST 2008

OK, so I just spoke to my mechanic.  The replacement CDI arrived (eventually).  They ran it stationary several times last week with no problems, but once again, it conked out when they took it out.  Anyway, so they swapped the CDI, and the same symptoms occurred, which at least ruled out a fairly expensive replacement part.

They traced back through the loom again, and apparently there's a resistor at/in the ignition which modifies the voltage to the CDI.  This is a crude anti-theft device, so that if the wires are cut and joined, the voltage to the CDI is wrong, so it won't allow ignition.  When they checked the ignition, the connector to this resistor was somewhat dirty/corroded, so it appears that the circuit was being made (occasionally) while the bike was stationary, but would break from the vibrations of the moving bike.

Long story short, they cleaned up/resoldered the connections and all is good again.  Couple of hundred $'s for labour, but given that I had no idea theis resistor existed, it's unlikely I'd have fixed it at all - so the cost doesn't seem too bad.

I'm still considering a ZZR12 as a replacement, but I'll pick up my baby tomorrow and be more than glad to get off the R1.

Thanks for everyone's suggestions/advice/support.


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> Hi all,
> Just thought I'd post an update on my bike woes.  It's still off the road 
> currently - my mechanic collected it the week before last but only looked at 
> it last week.  He called me to say it'd started straight up and run 
> (stationary) for 20 mins with no probs.  He then took it for a test ride, or 
> at least tried to - got about 100m down the road when it died.  They're 
> thinking it's the CDI unit, and have been waiting for a changeover unit for 4 
> days (and counting).  At least that ties in with my theories about it being 
> ignition related.
> The good part is that, after having to drive in increasingly heavy traffic 
> for two weeks, and becoming totally jaded by the experience, I emailed a few 
> people begging for a loan bike.  I would have taken a scooter, but a work 
> colleague offered me his '02 model R1.  It's not a GPZ, but still a nice 
> bike...  Picked it up on Friday, and rode almost everywhere on the weekend.  
> The relief of being back on two wheels is immense.
> On another note, there's a ZZR1200 advertised here : 
> I've liked these ever since their release, and this seems like a good 
> example.  It'd be a flight there, then a two day ride home, but if I can work 
> the price down a bit (this is the 3rd relist), it may be worth it.  Average 
> price for these is around $10-11k, when they come up (which isn't often).  I 
> know a few list members have them, so is there anything particular to look 
> for, or are they pretty much "what you see is what you get"?

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