Chain and sprockets, valve shims and headstock bearings

Jeffrey Walker walkerjl at
Mon Feb 18 22:01:44 PST 2008

Alright, so the sidecar was a really dumb idea...

Anyway, I need some information:  I need to replace the steering headstock
bearings, and lists the upper and lower bearing sets at $35
per.  Not unreasonable, but I have a sneaking suspicion that they can be had
for cheaper from a bearing supply house.  Does anyone have a part number?

So since I'm going to be replacing the steering bearings, I also need to get
in and check the valve clearances.  I really don't like the prospect of
paying $8 per shim, and I of course have no clue what sizes I may need....
what a drag.

Also, since I need to regrease the rear suspension bearings, I may as well
replace the chain and sprockets.  While Bike bandit has the front sprocket
for $31 and the rear for $80, and that doesn't seem too unreasonable, they
list the stupid chain at $435!!!  What a total rip!  

So I can put on a 530 chain right?  

Thanks for any information you may have,

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