GpZ Goodies 4 Sale

Jonathon Jay annihilator1100 at
Mon Feb 25 19:25:38 PST 2008

Just in case anyone's got crash damage or considering a repaint, I've got some stuff I'd like to rid myself of.
New in Kawi packaging:
2 GPZ logos
1 Kawasaki logo (the one over the headlight)
2 front fairing side reflectors
Gently used:
1 clutch lever
1 left mirror
2 turn signals (but I need to find replacement aftermarkets for these first.) The signals are like new, just not in the plastic wrap. Not even dusty.
Can anyone reccomend some good flush mounts that cover the existing mounting areas? Think ZX11 front signal style.
Please contact me if interested. I will sell for less than Ron Ayers charges, and cut a really sweet bargain on the used couple of thingsRegards- Jonathon Jay"If you don't do it this year, you'll be one year older when you do."
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