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Wed Feb 27 20:15:31 PST 2008

The manual says and I quote...

Fork oil provided when shipping....   KAYABA G10
Fork oil Viscosity				SAE10W-20

I remember banter about this, some using a 10 weight oil, others the 15 and
if I remember correctly Charles working with a personal "blend" of both the
10 and 15 to achieve approximately a 12.. 

I have run 10 and found it a bit light for my riding, the last two times I
have changed it, went with the 15w and found that works well for me.

Geared up I weigh in at the 200 lb mark, most of my riding is solo.  Here in
the mountains we have a lot of good twisty roads and being in an "alpine
desert" it gets hot here, 30 to 35 normally, up to 40 C during the peak of
the summer.

Yes, thicker oil takes longer to move through the internal passageways of
the forks, slowing down the compression and rebound, making things

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Subject: fork oil

Regarding fork oil viscosity?
Can't find my shop manual, what weight did our bikes come stock with? What
effect does playing with the weight do? I would think thicker meant more
cushion but slow response. 

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