fork oil

George Donnelly zx11e at
Fri Feb 29 13:17:39 PST 2008

Way to go on the weight loss, Scaps!!  
Alot of guys go to lengths to lessen the weight of their bikes, when all they need to do is look at the man in the mirror!  Me included....
Scappie wrote....
Date: Thu, 28 Feb 2008 20:05:12 GMTFrom: scapco at ecentral.comSubject: RE: fork oilTo: gpzlist at micapeak.comMessage-ID: <20080228200512.87B97C3C4C at> I'm with Steve, set it up for the majority of your riding and your style. I retained my stock springs when I installed the emulators and found it worked great for me since I rarely have a passenger. Now that there is 25 lbs less of me than there was at the Durango rally, it's even better. If I were you Paul H. I would consider going back to the stock springs and a 12.5wt oil mixture and I think you'd be surprised at how much better it was. Charles S.

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