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Thu Feb 28 12:05:12 PST 2008

I'm with Steve, set it up for the majority of your riding 
and your style.  I retained my stock springs when I 
installed the emulators and found it worked great for me 
since I rarely have a passenger.  Now that there is 25 lbs 
less of me than there was at the Durango rally, it's even 
better.  If I were you Paul H. I would consider going back 
to the stock springs and a 12.5wt oil mixture and I think 
you'd be surprised at how much better it was.

Charles S.

>It's really a compromise. I have stiff springs, 
>emulators/gold valve and thick oil (15w fork, 10w shock). 
>The bike is very stable at racetrack speeds
>(80-140mph) but at 30 mph on unimproved city streets (or 
>most roads in Vermont), the suspension action is quite 
>stiff. Tune your suspension for the type of riding you 
>want the bike to be best at and live with the rest. In
>stock form, the fork will benefit from thicker oil. I 
>would bet the 12.5w blend would work well for you.
> Steve
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