What did I miss..

Robert Nelson majordad at carolina.rr.com
Fri Jan 4 06:39:45 PST 2008

Something I have never noticed mentioned in regards to after mounting
risers.  My GPZ has custom bars from the previous owner.  The throttle
cables are a pretty tight run.  I made the mistake of ordering standard GPZ
replacement cables and found they were different and shorter.  The previous
owner could only remember he had used cables from a Concourse because they
were longer, but he couldn't remember which year.  Does anyone have any
input along those lines?

Thanks for any thoughts.

Bob Nelson
Concord, NC

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Nice looking bike. I don't know if those are "my" 2" risers or not because
the ones I designed only move back about 3/4". Could be though.

Paul Landry <p_landry at telus.net> wrote:  Poking around on eBay and found
Gotta be a member of the list?!?! 

Paul W. Landry
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