Jay Loeppke jloeppke at
Fri Jan 4 21:56:36 PST 2008

Yep, thats  me alright.   With the exception of a "strong" head or  
crosswind (not including a tailwind which never seems to happen up  
here) my bike will constantly gets  50-55 @ 75.   When I got the bike  
a couple of years ago the previous owner had a jet kit in and pipe on  
and it ran like crap.   I pulled it all off this last spring, cleaned  
and overhauled, synched the carbs, adjusted the valves, and walla.    
This was a Ca bike and all the pollution control stuff was pulled by  
the previous owner.  I also try to burn only non-oxygenated fuels.     
I know it make a huge difference in my jetski, snowmobiles .  My kids  
go to college (the fighting Sioux, UND) 210 miles from home and I have  
made numerous trips to visit them this last year.  Leave with a full  
tank and fill up when I get there.  The Interstate is near by, put the  
throttle lock on and don't stop until I get there.

I really don't want to sell the bike but I have a burning desire to do  
some back road touring across Wy and also a trip to the Arctic  
Circle.   So I am looking to get a KLR 650.  With 2 kids in college  
and 2 other bikes to maintain I can't afford to maintain 4 bikes, so  
something has to go.

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