Fw: Now Gas Mileage.

The Masons masonjs at nrtco.net
Sat Jan 5 08:03:21 PST 2008

> I've kept the fuel mileage on my bike during the long runs only which have 
> everything from freeway to twisties.   Normal low is around 40 m/US gal 
> and normal high 49 m/US gal and an average about 46 m/US gal with one 
> exception. A return trip from Lake George NY to Cobden ON running on a 
> Scotsman's rear tyre having worked my way to the white parts.  I went home 
> through the Adirondacks at speeds between 70 & 85 kmh (40 & 55 mph) , I 
> made it home on one tank of fuel an 61 m/US gal (61 X 6/5 = 71 m/imperial 
> gal)  Its amazing the new scenery I saw at these speeds, mine your its 
> really embarrassing being passed by blue haired old ladies and white 
> haired old men driving silver Buicks.
> Normal mileage running around home is about 43 m/USgal.  This is the best 
> mileage I have got from any vehicle I have ever owned.   Had a 1993 Toyota 
> corolla wagon with an 1.8 liter engine that would give me 46 m/us gal but 
> only on a major highway with the cruise set at 105 kmh (~ 62 mph).
> I'm looking for a KLR as well.  That is on hold at the moment as I took a 
> flip December 28 on some ice and landed on my right hip.  By Dec 31 I 
> could hardly get out of a chair so I spent 7 hours of New Years eve in the 
> ER of the Pembroke General hospital.  I rang in the New Year with a grin 
> on my faced fried on prescription drugs--a bit of dejavue from the early 
> '70s in Vancouver BC.
> Jim hoping 2008 is your best year so far 

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