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I  have found a guy that drags kaws and does work on the side. One
suggestion  is to throw out the side draft CV carbs and put flat sliders in.
I don't  know if anyone on the list has done it, maybe I'll be the first, 
we'll see.  

Ive got Mikuni flat slides on mine, they are  set up pretty good, I usually 
get in the mid to high 40s for mileage, took a lot  of messing with the 
accelerator pump adjustments to get decent response, and  wouldn't run worth a darn 
until I put the 4 degree advancer in it. I havent  had the plugs out of my bike 
in 4 years, so they can be tuned to run on the  street, contrary to what some 
guys will tell you.
     I have run them back to back against the  stock carbs that have jet 
kits, the stockers have better low end power  and crisper response, but the 
mikunis really walk away from 5000 rpm on up. They  run ok and are very rideable at 
low end too, just not as forgiving as the  stockers if you get caught in the 
wrong gear and dont feel like down  shifting.
    I have heard that the Keihin flat slides are a little  better as far as 
response, but I havent been able to find a set for less than  800 bucks and the 
old geeper runs plenty good as is. 
       Mike in  Colorado

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