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Thu Jan 17 14:14:23 PST 2008

If you smell gas, I'm guessing it's ignition as well. Everything Ped said 
+1. Additionally, the ignition switch isn't the greatest piece of electrical 
hardware either. Whenever mine keeps spinning past when I expect it to 
start, I cycle the ignition switch and it starts every time.

Steve in Western NY
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> Hi Simon,
> With # 1 and 4 plugs clean and dry it shouldn't be a flooding problem. 
> Even if # 2 and 3 had been flooded at least # 1 and 4 should fire up. On 
> the other hand when it caught briefly it shouldn't be an ignition problem 
> either...?
> Randy already suggested it's a flooding problem, giving the smell of gas. 
> I tend to agree with him, but there may be an ignition problem also. This 
> could also result in a smell of gas. I'll give you a couple of hints as to 
> the ignition - maybe one of them will work.
> - are you sure that your kill switch is in the "run" position? (Happened 
> to me once :-[ ) Maybe the switch needs a little contact spray.
> - are you sure your battery is in good condition? It may be able to crank 
> the engine for some time, but the voltage required to ignite may be too 
> low. This may be combined with:
> - aging spark plug cables. This issue has been mentioned on this list 
> before and also in the German GPZ 1100 Forum. Aging spark plug cables may 
> cause rough running and starting problems.
> - the side stand switch and the clutch switch may need cleaning and a 
> little contact spray. A combination of malfunction in the two switches 
> could cause no ignition
> - have you installed an alarm with ignition cut-off? There could be a 
> fault in the alarm or the wiring (also happened to me).
> Hope this helps.
> Ped
> '96 "Black Stealth" GPZ
> Denmark
> Simon White skrev:
>> Hi all,
>> Time for me to rise from the world of lurk for an important question. 
>> When I went to leave work yesterday, I couldn't get the bike started.  It 
>> turned over quite happily, but no kick, no nothing.
>> Things I did:
>> As there seemed to be a strong smell of petrol (or gas for the Norte 
>> Americanos), I tried cranking with no throttle or choke, then with full 
>> throttle.  Still no luck.  I did notice it cranked faster with the 
>> throttle full open - weird, but beside the point.
>> I then removed the tank, and pulled # 1 & 4 plugs. They were clean and 
>> dry.  With them out, I cranked the bike over, and it actually caught 
>> briefly.  I reassembled everything, and was back to square one - turning 
>> over like crazy, but nothing else.  At this point the battery was 
>> starting to sound tired, so I put it back together and got a lift home. 
>> But today I'm back with the car (and jumper leads) and wanting to figure 
>> this out, so any thoughts/suggestions people may have are most welcome.
>> I'm baffled as to what's happened, as the bike was fine coming to work, 
>> and has always been ultra reliable.  I filled the tank two days ago, so 
>> if it was bad fuel it would have shown before this.  One thing I did 
>> notice is that the petcock has a steady trickle whether it's on or 
>> reserve, so might be time for a new kit.  I don't think that's a factor 
>> here - I'm just trying to include all my observations.
>> If I can't get it started today, I'll be calling my mechanic, as I ride 
>> to work every day and hate bringing the car (this is the second time in 3 
>> years I've driven to work).
>> Help!
>> Simon
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>> Melbourne, Australia
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