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Sun Jan 20 15:44:14 PST 2008

Well, I had another go on Friday; pulled the tank and the two outside leads, and it wouldn't kick at all any more.  I tried a plug in each of leads 1 and 4, and there was no spark at all, so it looks like the ignitor's gone.  I think 2 & 3 are just flooded, but given the it's still in my work carpark, and my tools/time/light was limited, I've called it quits and rung my mechanic.  They'll be out to collect it sometime Monday morning.  If it is the ignitors, I'll see how much they want, but have little doubt it'll be a fortune.  Wait and see - maybe it's something obvious & simple I overlooked.

Thanks for all the input.


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> Well, I've gone and had another try. Results are as follows:
> Kill switch (I assume you mean the Off/Run switch on the right bar) - 
> definitely appears OK.  If it's turned off, the bike doesn't even kick over.  
> Same result with the clutch/sidestand lockouts.  All of them stop the starter 
> motor running, not just the ignition.  Is this not the case with other GPZ's?
> My battery's about 18 months old, but seems pretty healthy.  Just to be sure, 
> this morning I was jump starting it from my car, so no problem in that area.  
> I was concerned last night with the voltage drop, which was why I ended up 
> leaving it.
> Ignition leads may be a problem (AFAIK they're original), but wouldn't 
> explain it running fine in the morning and not firing at all in the 
> afternoon.  Up till yesterday, the bike's always started after <1 second on 
> the starter.  The only issue I've had was with bad fuel, but that didn't stop 
> it, just made it run really badly.
> No alarm cutout fitted, so it isn't that.
> At this point, I'm going to run with the flooding option.  Can't really see 
> how it could effect all cylinders at once, but I guess anything's possible.  
> Later this afternoon, I'll pull the tank again, and work my way through the 
> plugs/leads/whatever.
> Thanks for the advice - if anything else occurs to anyone, let me know.
> Simon.

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