Tire patching

Simon White swhite at consultant.com
Sun Jan 20 17:03:35 PST 2008

I patched my rear Pilot Road when it was punctured by a piece of glass.  The hole was in the groove, and I did the same repair as John.  Replaced it last year after just over 20k km.  Never leaked or had any other issues, and it wasn't down to the cords, but I did check the repair regularly just to be sure.

Given our draconian anti-speeding laws, most of my riding was sub-65mph, so YMMV.


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> I've patched numerous bike and car tires over the years.  It seems easier
> and faster to do it myself and I can usually do it on the bike or car w/o
> removing the wheel.  I just use the plan sticky strip types found at auto
> stores and get one with the BIG T-handle as it takes a lot to push the patch
> through.  I also use rubber cement to really lubricate the patch and
> insertion tool first to make it go in easier (I know, I know, sexual
> connotations).  I've ran bike tires to the wear bars with patches and never
> had one leak.  It does make the steel belt weaker in that one area so I
> would avoid long speeds over 100mph ;-)
> John

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