Intake tract length

Andrew Smith asmith285 at
Sun Jan 27 12:47:11 PST 2008

I've got an idea I'd like to bounce off of the group.  Like many, I have
switched to individual pod air filters.  Not necessarily for top end
performance, but for ease of maintenance as much as anything.

I know that theoretically the pod filters should reduce the intake tract
length and have some detrimental effect on low end power (which may be
masked by gains from reduced resistance through the K&N - I don't have dyno
pulls before and after and my butt is not that sensitive!).  After reading
all about the new Yamaha's taking the time and resources to develop variable
intake tract lengths for the R1 and R6, I starting thinking about putting
spacers between my carbs and pods to lengthen the tract length and gain some
low end power (though probably at the expense of high RMP breathing).

I've gathered the materials to do so, but now I am uncertain of how long to
make them!  I'll probably start long and shorten them if I have need/time to
experiment.  I thought I'd throw these two questions out there for
1.  Is this (cheap) experiment worthwhile?
2.  How long should the spacer be?

The more input the better!


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